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 Meh workspace

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PostSubject: Meh workspace   Meh workspace Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 5:39 pm

This is where i work if that's what you want to call it anyway. BTW these are thumbs i know i don't want to post a 3264x2448 picture on the page.

Meh workspace P4100241o.th
This is the overview of the workspace not much really.

Meh workspace P4100232o.th
This is stuff that is not in use. As shown by the excess of magic cards and terminators. lol you can actually read the cards.

Meh workspace P4100235p.th
LOL money.

Meh workspace P4100228w.th
Meh workspace P4100242y.th
Meh dice. yes i know there are no d10/d4s there.

Meh workspace P4100233w.th
Meh workspace P4100234.th
Meh paint. yes i know there is a halo pin in there and green stuff.

Meh workspace P4100229c.th
Meh 4 magic decks and 2 zunes and i also have an ipod.

Meh workspace P4100230.th
Meh workspace P4100231j.th
A few of meh games and books.

That's all i have for you right now.
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Meh workspace
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